Our Heavenly Mother's Requests

1. Are we praying the rosary daily?
2. Are we going to Mass as often as we can to receive Jesus?
3. Are we spending time in Adoration talking to our Lord?
4. Are we stepping over our brother and sister, or are we reaching out and helping those in need?
5. Are we witnessing in love?
6. Are we holding, nurturing, and loving our children? Are we being responsible parents?
7. Are we praying daily for our Pope and our priests? Do we thank them?
8. Are we rebuking Satan, or are we letting Satan get the best of us especially in our weak areas?
9. Are we listening when God speaks?
10. Do we move when the Spirit leads us?
11. Do we put things off for tomorrow when God is calling us today?
12. Are we praying with our heart and seeking God everyday; or, are we just speaking with our lips?

13. Are we binding our rosaries around our families? Are we doing novenas... the Chaplet of Divine Mercy?
14. Do we look at Jesus on the crucifix daily? Do we even have one in our home? Do we thank Jesus for dying on the cross and meditate on our Lord's passion?
15. Are we healing Jesus' wounds or adding to them?
16. Are we taking all the glory; or, are we giving God all the glory?
17. Are we following God's commandments?
18. Are we reading the Bible and then living the Bible?
19. How do we nourish our souls?
20. Are we fasting?
21. Have you had your home blessed?
22. Do you have blessed and holy articles in your home to remind you of Heaven and the need of prayer?
23. Do we complain, argue, and then throw tantrums when we don't want to do something?
24. Are we obedient?
25. Do we pray for the poor souls in Purgatory who really need our prayers?
26. Are we going to confession at least once a month or as the spirit moves you?